Readwise Inline Tags

The highlight-aggregation service Readwise supports a feature called inline tagging, which allows front-loading the work of organizing highlights by adding tags to highlight notes. Beyond plain tagging, Readwise supports several special action tags.

Readwise documentation on this feature is sparse and spread across several locations, so here is a summary.

Action tags#

Action Tag Description
.cN Concatenate highlights 1 (".c1 + .c2", “.c1 + .c2 + .c3”)
.hN Heading level 2 (.h1->.h2->h3, .h1->.h2)
.qa Question? Answer Question & Answer 3 (Q: “Example question?” A: “Example Answer”)

For action tags containing N, replace N with a number starting from 1 and incrementing in subsequent related highlights.

Shorthand tags#

Tag with shorthand, like .prob, then rename the tag on Readwise to .probability. Readwise will learn the shorthand and rename all future uses automatically. 4

Future planned action tags#

Readwise has mentioned plans for some future action tags. 5

Action Tag Description
.i Inbox (accelerate highlight into daily review)
.rl Reading List (reminder to add mentioned book to reading list)
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