Main screen screenshot

Ludum Dare Submission


Play in an online Gameboy emulator!

Begin life as a mere dot. Progress through trials into a beautiful birb. Peck your way to the top. The fun never ends! :) (Seriously though, it just restarts the last level endlessly)


Play in a web browser or on a Gameboy or Gameboy emulator.

Written for Gameboy and Gameboy Color in C using GBDK. Download the ROM and play with a Gameboy emulator for sound and the full experience. It even works on a real Gameboy!


  • A (Keyboard Z) to Jump (once you have legs)
  • B (Keyboard X) to Run (or Peck once you have a beak)
  • Arrow keys to move

First level

Final level

Menu on a real Gameboy

Game on a real Gameboy